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How much do you know about clothing?(1)

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1. What kinds of fiber raw materials can be divided into?

Natural fiber & chemical fiber

2. What items are natural fibers?

Cotton fabrics, wool fabrics, silk fabrics, linen fabrics

3. What are the six major synthetic fibers?

Polyester, Nylon, Acrylic, Vinylon, Polypropylene, Chlorine

4. What are the characteristics of knitted fabrics?

Extensibility; moisture absorption and breathability; warmth retention; elasticity; dispersibility; curling.

5. What are the five types of textiles?

Cotton cloth, linen cloth, woolen cloth, silk fabric, chemical fiber

6. What is a polyester-cotton blend and what are its characteristics?

Polyester-cotton blended fabric is a textile woven with polyester as the main component, using 65%-67% polyester and 33%-35% cotton blended yarn. Polyester-cotton cloth is commonly known as cotton. Features: It not only highlights the style of polyester but also has the advantages of cotton fabrics. It has good elasticity and abrasion resistance in dry and wet conditions, stable dimensions, low shrinkage, and has a tall and straight, not easy to wrinkle, easy to wash, and quick-drying Features, can not use high temperature ironing and boiling water soaking.

7. What is a jersey?

Plain knitted fabric is a single jersey structure in which a single yarn is formed into stitches in sequence along the course.

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